Accept Help But Don’t Rely on It

Over the years I’ve started many game projects with friends that didn’t get very far. They’d fizzle out pretty quickly and I’d be left scratching my head wondering why another great idea hadn’t gotten off the ground. This pattern has repeated itself time and again for me and from speaking to others, it seems to […]

Can You Work From a Coffee Shop?

Is it feasible to use your local coffee shop as an office? You always hear stories about cool indie developers getting together with their buddies and working from coffee shops. I work at home but have always thought it might be fun to get out and try working from some other locations from time to […]

Dare to be Digital & 4TG Expos

After some hugely successful shows in Glasgow I’ll now be bringing Dare the Monkey to the east coast over the coming days. First I’ll be stopping off in Dundee for the first two days of the Dare to be Digital festival before heading up to Aberdeen for the 4TG gaming expo. I’ll be in Dundee’s […]

Dare the Monkey at Resonate Glasgow

Good news folks! I’ll be demoing Dare the Monkey at this weekend’s Resonate: Glasgow’s festival of eSports and Gaming. So if you fancy trying out the game’s first seven levels (that’s right I’ve made tones of progress) then why not come along to the Indie Zone, where you’ll be able to play some of the […]

Expo: What I Learned

In my previous two posts I talked about how I showcased Dare the Monkey at a major UK games expo and discussed the reasons for doing so and also the costs involved. Today I’d like to talk about what I got from the experience and whether it benefited the development of my game in any […]

How to Exhibit at an Expo on a Budget

As you all know, I recently exhibited Dare the Monkey at a major UK games expo. I know what you’re all thinking: “Didn’t that cost you a small fortune?” Well to be honest, I too had always assumed that the expo scene was way out of my league but as it turns out it’s more […]

How Exhibiting at Expos Can Help Indies

Recently I decided to take the bold and nerve wracking step of exhibiting Dare the Monkey at a major UK gaming exposition. At the time of the decision I’d only actually built three of the game’s levels, there was no music or sound effects either, and there wasn’t even the slightest hint of a user […]

Dare the Monkey at PLAY Expo Glasgow

I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be showing off Dare the Monkey at PLAY Expo Glasgow on 11-12th of June. So please come along to my booth and try out a few of the game’s levels. It’ll be Dare’s first public outing so all feedback will be most welcome. In fact, chocolate coins and banana […]

Be Prepared to Learn New Skills

Being an indie developer can be hard work even if you have a small team working with you. As talented as everyone is there will likely be gaps in their knowledge and skill set. For example, you may have an artist on your team that’s great at illustration but might not be an animation specialist […]

There Will Always Be Someone Better Than You

I’m really chuffed with how Dare the Monkey is shaping up. I’ve poured my heart and soul into the game’s visuals and generally speaking I think the effort has been worth it. However, I must confess to feeling the odd jealous pang when I look around at the amazing work being produced by other app […]