Starting with a Sketch #3

When it comes to jumps and platforms, Dare will be running along and landing on flat surfaces. However I don’t want the player to really be aware of that. Dare’s natural environment consists of rugged terrain and weather beaten man-made objects and I wanted to convey that to the player while still making it possible […]

The Right Tools for the Job

Throughout the development of your own indie game you’ll need to rely on a number of software packages to get the job done. As an indie you’re probably having to work to a shoestring budget and won’t always have access to the software you’d ideally want. Compromises will likely have to be made. Let’s face […]

Starting with a Sketch #2

Time for another of my early level design sketches. I thought it would be cool if Dare had to jump on some hippos to reach another platform. Plus, some sort of bird flying across the top of the screen just to make things a little trickier for the player when Dare is at the top […]

Researching the Game Idea

As part of my research I played a countless number of popular mobile games and really tried to analyse what made them great. I personally found that the simpler the controls were the more successful the gameplay felt. Games that required just a single touch of the screen such as Tiny Wings, Flappy Bird, Canabalt, […]

Starting with a Sketch

When I started working on Dare the Monkey I’d sketch out level designs in a notepad. In fact, here’s one for you to take a look at.

Introducing Dare

It takes a lot of time and effort to design a character for a game. I’m personally more at home working directly on a computer whereas many other artists prefer to sketch onto paper first. My general working process is to find great reference material and then experiment in both Maya and zBrush. I’ll tend […]

Hullo Everyone!

Hi! My name is Alan and I’ve been beavering away on my first independent mobile game for the best part of a year. It’s called Dare the Monkey and development has moved into the final stages.