The Right Tools for the Job: Sculpting

I’ve learned to use a huge number of software packages over the years but by far my favourite has to be Pixologic’s ZBrush. In fact, it’s an integral part of my art pipeline. Not only is it a stunning piece of software but it’s also priced fairly competitively when compared to the likes of Autodesk’s […]

The Right Tools for the Job: 3D Modelling

For most of my modelling needs during the development of Dare the Monkey I’ve been using Autodesk’s Maya. It’s an incredible piece of software but it’s also extortionate! Of course, there are plenty of cheaper 3D modelling packages out. For example, there’s Newtek’s Lightwave, which is half the price of Maya.

The Right Tools for the Job

Throughout the development of your own indie game you’ll need to rely on a number of software packages to get the job done. As an indie you’re probably having to work to a shoestring budget and won’t always have access to the software you’d ideally want. Compromises will likely have to be made. Let’s face […]