What Can A Publisher Do For You?

Recently I covered my thoughts on self-publishing vs. getting a publishing deal. Today I’m going to spend a bit more time covering some more benefits of working with a publisher.

Publisher vs. Self Publish

With Dare the Monkey fast approaching completion I find myself with a dilemma that many indies no doubt have: should I self-publish or seek a publisher?

Finding The Best Solution For Each Problem

Dare the Monkey is a huge undertaking and sometimes I need to find different solutions to problems depending on how much time I have available for a particular task.

Run It Like A Business

More often than not there’s very little financial reward from developing an indie game. The market is so saturated that even a top quality product isn’t always guaranteed to make much money. For this reason I’d recommend that all indie developers run their projects like a real business even if it’s just something you’re doing […]