Level 6 Early Gameplay

Recently I blogged about one of my newest levels and how I took it from a very rough concept sketch to the actual finished artwork. For today’s post I thought I’d actually show off some footage of the level in action.

Starting with a Sketch #7

I showed off one of my new levels at a few expos recently and everybody loved it! I’d sketched the idea out a while back but was a little unsure if it would fit well within the game. Here’s my original sketch below.

Can You Work From a Coffee Shop?

Is it feasible to use your local coffee shop as an office? You always hear stories about cool indie developers getting together with their buddies and working from coffee shops. I work at home but have always thought it might be fun to get out and try working from some other locations from time to […]

Start Small But Think Big

The very best games start off as fairly small and focused ideas, which are then scaled-up as new ideas and concepts are added. That is why I decided to start small but think big when developing Dare the Monkey. So what do I mean by this?

Dare to be Digital & 4TG Expos

After some hugely successful shows in Glasgow I’ll now be bringing Dare the Monkey to the east coast over the coming days. First I’ll be stopping off in Dundee for the first two days of the Dare to be Digital festival before heading up to Aberdeen for the 4TG gaming expo. I’ll be in Dundee’s […]