Graphics Optimisation Tip #7

We’ve reached the end of my graphics optimisation series. To wrap things up I’ll be talking about the power-of-two rule.

Graphics Optimisation Tip #6

For the iOS version of Dare the Monkey I’ve managed to squeeze everything onto just four texture atlases. Today I’ll reveal another one of my little graphics optimisation tricks that helped get me there.

Graphics Optimisation Tip #5

A common technique when you’re trying to squeeze as much performance as possible out of your game is to half the size of certain images then scale them back up at runtime. However there is a slight variation on this approach that could give you the saving you’re looking for without compromising the final render […]

Graphics Optimisation Tip #4

It’s time for another graphics optimisation tip and today I’ll be covering texture atlases.

Graphics Optimisation Tip #3

Today’s graphics tip is all about optimising alpha transparencies, which are used quite a lot in Dare the Monkey.

Graphics Optimisation Tip #2

It’s time for the second of my graphics optimisation tips. This time I’ll be talking about animation frames.

Graphics Optimisation Tip #1

Sprite based games like Dare the Monkey are typically memory hungry. In addition, textures that aren’t GPU optimised can really drag your game’s frame rate down. While it’s great to strive for the best visuals possible, performance is king and you really should do your very best to reach the gold standard that is 60 […]