After some hugely successful shows in Glasgow I’ll now be bringing Dare the Monkey to the east coast over the coming days.

First I’ll be stopping off in Dundee for the first two days of the Dare to be Digital festival before heading up to Aberdeen for the 4TG gaming expo. I’ll be in Dundee’s Caird Hall on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th of August. I’ll then spend the weekend of the 6th in Aberdeen’s AECC Arena.

The feedback I received about my game at the last two expos was incredible and I’ve also learned a lot from simply observing people playing it. The kids in particular loved Dare and have been incredibly enthusiastic about the whole thing. They want to know all sorts of stuff about Dare including where he’s from, who is friends are, and why he’s collecting coins. For me, the best part, is seeing their faces when I let them know that they’ll receive a play testing credit in the game for trying it out that day. In fact it seems to mean even more for the parents when they find out that their kid is gonna get their name in a real game!

So if you fancy getting a play testing credit in Dare the Monkey, and a few bonus chocolate coins too, then please pop along to either Dare to be Digital (the name similarity is just a lucky coincidence) or 4TG and give it a go. I love chatting with folks about anything games related so don’t be shy.

I’m also eager to see how far into the game players can get. The kids in Glasgow had a great time playing Dare the Monkey but only a handful made it to the latter levels. In fact, only two got as far as level 7. I’ve been told that gamers in the west are the best but I’m curious to see how far our east coast audience will get? So come on Aberdeen and Dundee, prove everyone in Glasgow wrong. I dare you.

Hope to see you there.

  1. Alan, you should create a bad guy and make him look like Simon 😂

    Dougie Stirling