Recently I blogged about one of my newest levels and how I took it from a very rough concept sketch to the actual finished artwork. For today’s post I thought I’d actually show off some footage of the level in action.

It’s the third level from the game’s Cave world and has the player leaping for dear life while manically trying to collect the level’s plentiful supply of coins and bonus bananas. Being very much a love letter to classic retro platform games, I was once again trying to capture that warm fuzzy feeling that gamers remember from playing their favourite arcade and console games.

I also think this may be the first time I’ve posted a video that also includes the game’s music and sound effects. There’s still some work to do with the audio but generally I’m really happy with the pace and energy it brings to things.

Anyway, I’m really pushing on with things now. I’m currently working on the last three levels for Dare the Monkey and hopefully will have them finished over the coming weeks. I’ll keep you guys posted.