I showed off a gameplay video on Twitter recently from one of my three Snowy Mountain levels. It was quite heavily compressed so here’s a high resolution version for your viewing pleasure.

It’s probably my favourite of the twelve levels that make up Dare the Monkey’s main campaign. I added some slippery ice patches and also some treacherous ice slides for Dare to slide along.

There’s also a few familiar things from previous levels such as pieces of airplane fuselage and the springboard flowers. I felt I needed to re-use some of these obstacles so that the player wasn’t completely overwhelmed on some of the game’s longer levels. Also, they really worked well with some of the gameplay elements I was going for in the mountain levels.

So that’s all twelve levels finishes. Now all that’s left to do is finish off the Coin Dash levels for the Snowy Mountain. Anyway, I better get back to it.