Good news! I’ve now finished all nine levels for Dare the Monkey. I’ve been so busy building out the last few levels that I’ve not had time to update this blog as much, so as a wee treat for you guys I thought I’d show off a short video from the game’s final level.

Dare’s universe is split into three game worlds. I’ve already shown videos of the jungle and cave worlds. The final three levels take place within a futuristic Aztec world. I wanted a real sense of chaos for the remaining levels so I went big on visual effects. As you can see in the video I chucked all sorts of things into it including lasers, sparks, crazy laser bridges, spinning portals, and earth tremors.

Of course, being the game’s very last level, it has to be challenging. But I was also eager to stick to the philosophy of class arcade machines by rewarding the user with more eye candy for their progress.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how many players get to the final level once Dare the Monkey is released.