I thought it was about time I showed off some actual gameplay footage from Dare the Monkey. This is one of the levels from the Jungle world and features some of the jumps, obstacles, and platforms that our little monkey hero has to contend with.

The level itself needs quite a lot of tweaking. It’s currently a tad on the difficult side and I’m keen to ensure the game’s earlier levels don’t frustrate the player. I’ve also to add the user interface and there’s currently no music or sound effects either. But as a first pass, I’m pretty happy with things.

Hopefully you can see in the video the classic arcade look I’m going for. I want the player to feel as if they’re playing a really great coin-op but on their mobile handset. Visually things are pretty much complete although there are some animations that I’ve still to drop in, and I want to re-visit one or two graphical elements that need touched-up.

I’ll post a few more gameplay videos over the coming weeks.