Good news folks! I’ll be demoing Dare the Monkey at this weekend’s Resonate: Glasgow’s festival of eSports and Gaming. So if you fancy trying out the game’s first seven levels (that’s right I’ve made tones of progress) then why not come along to the Indie Zone, where you’ll be able to play some of the best up-and-coming games before they are even released.

I’m gonna be fighting for visibility against some pretty impressive games but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. I’ll once again be giving out free chocolate coins and delicious foam bananas to anyone who pops along to give Dare a try.

Also, if you have kids then why not bring them along too. Not only will they love Dare the Monkey and the free chocolate, I’ve also got some cool official Team Dare Member certificates for any kid who comes along and plays the game. They’ll also get their name in the game’s credits if they help test it on the day. Oh and if that’s not enough, I’ve got some seriously cool Dare the Monkey colouring sheets for the kids to take home with them too!

Resonate kicks off on Friday 29th July in Glasgow’s SECC and runs through until Sunday. Hope to see you there.