Here’s one of the baddies for your viewing pleasure. With many of the levels being based around both land and water I thought a crocodile would work well. On land the player needs to jump over our cool croc to prevent getting eaten, while on water they can jump onto the croc’s back to keep themselves from getting wet.


I wanted to continue with that ‘Sega blue skies’ feel to things. It helps give everything that vibrant arcade feel that seems to have disappeared from games over the last few years. One glance at the croc’s razor sharp teeth tell the player he’s someone to be avoided but at the same time the style implies that when the game’s over for the day, perhaps the croc and Dare walk each other home just like best buddies.


If you’re into 3D modelling then hopefully you’ll also find the screenshots I’ve taken from Maya insightful. It’s my weapon of choice for most of my 3D work. Oh, and how does our crocodile actually look within the game? Well give me a few days and I’ll post some actual gameplay footage showing him off. I just have to tidy up a few things on the level I’m currently working on first.

Speak to you guys later!