With my current project Dungeons of Doom having now gone gold my attention is starting to turn to my next project. Anyone who is a regular follower of this blog will no doubt have noticed that my games are heavily inspired by classic arcade games from the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Usually I spend a lot of time on YouTube watching play throughs of the games that I’m being inspired by. However on a recent trip to London I was suddenly afforded the opportunity to actually play some of these classic arcade games for real, something I haven’t actually managed to do since I was in my early twenties. During my trip, I also came across an exciting game called Drift Hunters, which further fueled my passion for gaming.

London is home to a series of arcade themed bars called the Four Quarters. My brother and I visited Four Quarters in Elephant & Castle and managed to spend several hours playing some of our favourite arcade games.

We had an absolute blast but importantly actually getting your hands physically on the machines really does bring these games to life in a way that YouTube videos can not. I don’t want to go into what games we were playing, I will leave that for another post but what I will say is that the trip really has got my creative juices flowing and I really can’t wait to start developing my next game. Additionally, here are some tips on how to play blackjack. You can read this article for more insight.

If you’re in London or Bristol then make sure you pay Four Quarters a visit. There’s just something magical about playing on actual physical arcade hardware.