I’ve made some great progress over the last few months and I’m now putting the finishing touches to the iOS version of Dare the Monkey. However before I go ahead and release Dare I’ve been spending some time investigating additional platforms that will help enhance the experience for those who love all things Apple. In my previous post I showed the game running on Apple Watch and now I’d like to share with you guys some gameplay footage of Dare running on Apple TV! Doesn’t it look great!

One of the things I wasn’t prepared for was just how much detail you can see on a TV that’s easy to miss on phones and tablets. Although it’s hard to get a sense for it in the above video, there’s an immense amount of detail that I’d painstakingly added to the game’s 3D models that really pops out at you on a large screen display. In fact, I’d actually forgotten just how much effort I’d spent on some of the game’s textures originally. After seeing the end result running on an Apple TV I’m glad I did.

It’s still a work-in-progress but I’m hoping to tidy things up over the coming weeks. The majority of my time will focus on the game’s user interface, which will need a complete overhaul for Apple TV. Remember, Apple TV doesn’t have any touchscreen support so I’ll need to simplify things to let the user easily navigate the game’s menus with the TV remote.

Oh and one other thing before I get back to work. Considering its fairly inexpensive price point, I’ve been mega impressed by just how much grunt the Apple TV actually has. In fact, I’ve been thinking about adding some additional parallax layers and other graphical effects to the Apple TV version. Anyway, as always, I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress.