Yup, it’s time for another one of my twenty second sketches followed by the final visual. This time we have a broken bridge situated in a dense jungle.


Well okay I didn’t even bother sketching the jungle out since the bridge itself was my main focus but you get the picture. I wanted a simple run and jump element. The concept is no different from other jumps and gaps I already have within various other levels but I was acutely aware that I needed to keep the player interested by applying different visuals.

I kinda liked the idea of there being man-made constructions laced into the jungle. Things that Dare could negotiate as part of his adventure. Also, the hope was that the texture of the wooden planks and the rope that holds them all together would add something else of interest to help break things up a bit during game play. After all, eye candy can go a long way in a game.


As you can see from the final visual above, I think I’ve managed to pull it off. The bridge sits well within the jungle environment and there’s lots of nice details to catch the eye. As always, I was aiming for a visual style that would remind players of classic arcade machines. I believe the vibrant colours of the bridge and the collectible items floating above it do really help give the player that warm fuzzy feeling of playing their favourite coin-op or classic 16-bit console game.

Let me know what you guys think.