Don’t Be Spammy

I talked the other day about increasing retention and session times with the aim of generating as much ad revenue as possible. One thing I didn’t mention however was that I’m also planning to reduce the frequency of ads I actually serve to the user. But wait a minute, wouldn’t that actually generate me less revenue?

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Downloads Ain’t Enough

I mentioned in my previous post that I wanted to extend the overall time someone will play Dare the Monkey for. But why is this important you may ask? Read on to find out.

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New Game World

If you’ve been following me on Twitter you’ll have noticed that I posted an image from a new game world I’ve been working on. So why am I adding an extra world to Dare the Monkey so late in the day?

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Dare To Be Difficult

Howdy everyone! It’s been a while since my last post so I thought I’d let you guys know what I’ve been up to.

To be honest, I was actually readying Dare the Monkey for release. I’d finished all my planned levels for the main game mode, and added two additional game modes to boot. I’d also spoken to a few publishers and done an additional round of play testing with people.

As always the response to the game was extremely positive but I was also seeing some niggling feedback coming back time and again and I felt it wasn’t right to simply ignore it. After all, I’ve spent all this time making Dare the Monkey and I didn’t want to sell myself short right at the end of the project.

So I’ve taken all the feedback on board and now have a list of things that I think will maximise Dare’s chance of success. Today I’d like to talk about one of those things – the game’s difficulty – and I’ll talk about the others over a series of upcoming posts.

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Jambo – the monkey god

I thought I’d take some time today to introduce you guys to Jambo – the monkey god of ancient times.

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Graphics Optimisation Tip #7

We’ve reached the end of my graphics optimisation series. To wrap things up I’ll be talking about the power-of-two rule.

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Graphics Optimisation Tip #6

For the iOS version of Dare the Monkey I’ve managed to squeeze everything onto just four texture atlases. Today I’ll reveal another one of my little graphics optimisation tricks that helped get me there.

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Graphics Optimisation Tip #5

A common technique when you’re trying to squeeze as much performance as possible out of your game is to half the size of certain images then scale them back up at runtime. However there is a slight variation on this approach that could give you the saving you’re looking for without compromising the final render quality of your image so much.

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Graphics Optimisation Tip #4

It’s time for another graphics optimisation tip and today I’ll be covering texture atlases.

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Graphics Optimisation Tip #3

Today’s graphics tip is all about optimising alpha transparencies, which are used quite a lot in Dare the Monkey.

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