Level 9 Gameplay

Good news! I’ve now finished all nine levels for Dare the Monkey. I’ve been so busy building out the last few levels that I’ve not had time to update this blog as much, so as a wee treat for you guys I thought I’d show off a short video from the game’s final level.

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Accept Help But Don’t Rely on It

Over the years I’ve started many game projects with friends that didn’t get very far. They’d fizzle out pretty quickly and I’d be left scratching my head wondering why another great idea hadn’t gotten off the ground. This pattern has repeated itself time and again for me and from speaking to others, it seems to be a fairly common occurrence that blights many would-be indie devs.

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Starting with a Sketch #8

Throughout the development of Dare the Monkey I’ve had a pretty clear picture of what I wanted from each of the game’s levels. However, I will confess that I was a little short of ideas for the last three levels, which I wanted to take place in a sort of futuristic Aztec world. I’ll be honest, I didn’t realise how little material I had until I started actually building out those levels. Nothing seemed to gel and it became pretty apparent that I was struggling to flesh them out with things the player hadn’t already seen.

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Level 6 Early Gameplay

Recently I blogged about one of my newest levels and how I took it from a very rough concept sketch to the actual finished artwork. For today’s post I thought I’d actually show off some footage of the level in action.

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Starting with a Sketch #7

I showed off one of my new levels at a few expos recently and everybody loved it! I’d sketched the idea out a while back but was a little unsure if it would fit well within the game. Here’s my original sketch below.

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Can You Work From a Coffee Shop?

Is it feasible to use your local coffee shop as an office?

You always hear stories about cool indie developers getting together with their buddies and working from coffee shops. I work at home but have always thought it might be fun to get out and try working from some other locations from time to time. Can a coffee shop double as an office and is it a cost effective way to work?

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Start Small But Think Big

The very best games start off as fairly small and focused ideas, which are then scaled-up as new ideas and concepts are added. That is why I decided to start small but think big when developing Dare the Monkey. So what do I mean by this?

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Dare to be Digital & 4TG Expos

After some hugely successful shows in Glasgow I’ll now be bringing Dare the Monkey to the east coast over the coming days.

First I’ll be stopping off in Dundee for the first two days of the Dare to be Digital festival before heading up to Aberdeen for the 4TG gaming expo. I’ll be in Dundee’s Caird Hall on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th of August. I’ll then spend the weekend of the 6th in Aberdeen’s AECC Arena.

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Dare the Monkey at Resonate Glasgow

Good news folks! I’ll be demoing Dare the Monkey at this weekend’s Resonate: Glasgow’s festival of eSports and Gaming. So if you fancy trying out the game’s first seven levels (that’s right I’ve made tones of progress) then why not come along to the Indie Zone, where you’ll be able to play some of the best up-and-coming games before they are even released.

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Expo: What I Learned

In my previous two posts I talked about how I showcased Dare the Monkey at a major UK games expo and discussed the reasons for doing so and also the costs involved. Today I’d like to talk about what I got from the experience and whether it benefited the development of my game in any meaningful way. Here’s what I took away from the whole experience.

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